About Us

Welcome to Yasin Pharma GmbH

Your partner for wholesale and distribution of high-quality medical and pharmaceutical products! We
are certified with the GDP and authorized to conduct trade in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Our
headquarters is located at Horst-Niebuhr-Ring 42, 30926 Seelze, Germany. From here, we engage in
enriching the healthcare industry in various countries and promoting access to medications and
innovative pharmaceutical technologies.

At Yasin Pharma GmbH, we stand for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We place great
importance on close collaboration with leading suppliers, reputable wholesalers, and esteemed
manufacturers to distribute their products in diverse markets.

Our extensive range includes pharmaceutical active ingredients (APIs), highly effective medicines,
dietary supplements, and much more. Our trade relationships span the globe, making a wide range
of high-quality products available to our customers.

Our goal is to strengthen the global healthcare sector and sustainably improve people’s lives through access to top-notch medical products.

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